Little Spot


2017 ABC project. There’s definitely times when this whole creative gig feels more like a contest to see how many emails I can answer or like I’m trying to set a new record for how long one can procrastinate writing a proposal. Being your own boss definitely comes with a hefty set of pros and cons, doubts and joys and has been a journey to say the least. As less of a type-A personality, sometimes those business-brain tasks take up far more time than I'd like. Taking this little breather for 15-30 minutes every day to make something colorful, imperfect, un-critiqued and all my own helped feed the creative puppy inside, then move a bit further down the ol’ to-do list with less sloth-like-pinteresting and foot-stomping. So go cook something, color something, sidewalk chalk something and share a windmill high-five with your 10-year old soul. 🌈